• I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of accident or damage to my person or property and that of my family and guests during such time that I am a member of Crystal Ridge Golf Club. I waive all rights, claims, damages, actions and suits that I may have, and forever discharge, hold harmless and indemnify Crystal Ridge Golf Club Ltd., the Manager of Crystal Ridge Golf Club, it’s directors, members, officials, agents and employees from all such damages, injury, claims, or loss of any kind which I or my family or guests may sustain for any reason arising out of our use of the facility or equipment provided by Crystal Ridge Golf Club.


  • I agree to be responsible for any damage caused to adjacent properties during the course of my play.


  • I agree to adhere to all the golf club rules and by-laws as determined from time to time by management and/or the Board of Directors of the Crystal Ridge Golf Club Society.


  • I understand that all alcoholic beverages consumed on Crystal Ridge Property including the golf course, must be purchased from Crystal Ridge Golf Club as per the liquor licensing conditions of the Province of Alberta (Alberta Gaming & Liquor Control).


  • I understand and agree that breach of any of the above terms and conditions will result in the suspension and/or termination of my membership.

Please review and acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these terms upon purchase.